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    Scientiarum vitam vindicans.

    Welcome to Lifeology

    This program is for you if any of the following apply...

    You are aware that the "mainstream" explanations of things - be it from academia, the news media, governments, organized religions, or any other arm of the self-proclaimed "New World Order" - are in all likelihood false and intended to lead us astray from humanity's true purpose.

    You are a parent of a child who is at at their wit's end with the modern education system, and seeking to remove them from that environment while still offering them a quality education.

    In light of disruptions to the supply chains and the ongoing economic collapse worldwide, you're feeling anxious about what the future holds in regards to being able to provide for your family, and are seeking practical solutions.

    You are interested in exploring the synthesis between science and spirituality, or would like that for your children.

    You are fed up with the polarization within scientific conversations at large, with the advocates of atheistic materialism on one end, and entrenched religious fundamentalists on the other; and would like to have it taught to you or your children without either of these tired extremes interjecting their dogmas into it.

    The pursuit of knowledge is a sacred mission for you, and you would seek to use it for the uplift of your world, rather than for personal gain alone.

    You would like to learn how to apply scientific information to the real world so as to strengthen your independence and critical thinking skills.

    You find scientific concepts and jargon to be at times difficult to understand, and would like to understand them better so that people and organizations cannot use them to trick you into believing falsehoods.

    You would like to see yourself, your family, and your community become healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

    You are seeking information which could contribute to off-the-grid living, namely in relation to land and food management.

    You love The Creator, Earth, and Humanity.

    How this program can help...

    In this on-going War of Good and Evil, a growing number of people the world over are beginning to awaken from their slumber in order to cast their own light on the deceptions that have been woven around us.

    However, for a multitude of reasons, many are at a loss as to how to navigate these new way of thinking and seeing.

    This has lead many who have taken the first few timid steps on the paths of Truth to abandon the journey before it's even begun. They reside now in states of bitterness, hopelessness, and disempowerment in the face of what they see as an unassailable darkness. In modern vernacular, they have become "black-pilled."

    Alternatively, they repress their newfound insights in a desperate attempt to return to the "Matrix," their artificial womb of safety in which they can continue to delude themselves into believing that everything remains normal, and that the authoritarian structures around them are actually benevolent and for their own good.

    The Lifeology Educational Program seeks to alleviate these problems by empowering students with the confidence and knowledge to navigate this period in history, and come through to the other side ready to create a world defined by beauty and freedom.

    In practical terms, this means that you, your children, your family, and/or your entire community can come away from this program with four main benefits:

    1. Information and insights that can be applied to practical, hands-on permacultural and eco-restorative initiatives.

    2. A feeling of holistic and spiritual connectedness to the Earth and oneself.

    3. An understanding of the current paradigms within the scientific community regarding the nature of living systems (cells, organisms, ecosystems, etc.)

    4. The ability to to understand scientific jargon, apply critical thinking to claims and propositions, and grasp the epistemological foundations of academia and the world of science research.

    Would you rather be able to tackle the on-coming darkness with these weapons as a part of you or your loved ones' arsenal? If so, I highly encourage you to reach out and enquire about this program.


    Education is a sacred process, one that should be approached by both teacher and student with the greatest of care. The word itself is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root which meant "to lead." Unfortunately now we have an education system sorely lacking in teachers that any of us can I believe can rightly consider leaders in the pure sense of the word. 

    What we see instead is a soul-deadening factory of biological robots, meant to fulfill tasks and regurgitate viewpoints that are deemed economically or socially viable by the powers that (pretend to) be. Although this is just one of many factors of modern society that has stifled humanity's potential, it is most certainly one of the most impactful.

    Lifeology aims to undo as much of this damage as possible, and leave students, regardless of whether they completed their institutional education decades ago or are still in the midst of it now, with the tools necessary to replace it with stronger and healthier foundations.

    In part, this means exploring how topics such as cell biology, genetics,  and ecology intersect with those that some might call spiritual, mystical, or esoteric. Although these words for some might evoke thoughts of religious institutions or the New Age movement, I can assure you that it insofar as this program is concerned, they are nothing of the sort.

    Rather, they simply denote in this case that a scientific understanding of Life should engender a sense of connectedness with oneself and the world. Most outlets of science education as it exists now, although potentially interesting and informative, tends to shy away from such ideas simply because they fall too far outside of the materialist paradigm which undergirds modern academia. At most we are provided with ideas of interconnectedness by way of being referred to "star stuff," or perhaps members of a great evolutionary tree of life. While these points are certainly awe-inspiring, I believe reality goes far beyond that.

    These few semi-mystical placations aside, the scientific worldview of the 21st century tends to hold dogmatically to the philosophy of materialism. In simple terms this would be the assumption that everything that exists within Nature is the result of unguided, random material processes that can be summed as mere cosmic accidents. A great many scientists and science enthusiasts believe that all explanations of Nature must exclude any potential recognition of a soul or spirit. 

    This prevailing paradigm has not been arrived at due to careful logical or empirical investigation, but instead from psychological hang-ups possessed by even the greatest minds of our age. I aim to deconstruct this paradigm as much as possible, while also suggesting alternative perspectives that lead to a far more optimistic view of humanity's place in this world. 

    Of course, I am not looking to replace one dogma with another. While I may make suggestions and attempt to guide students towards new and interesting doors, the ultimate goal is to instill a sense of individuation, curiosity, and excitement towards seeking out new information on one's own. We all must, at the end of the day, choose the doors and paths that resonate with us. I would simply like help foster the ability to discern truth and falsehood in as many folks as possible.

    If any of this seems like a good fit for you, let's get in touch:

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